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Share your voice in a new way.

Trumpet lets you start someone’s day with a surprise: record a personal message with Trumpet, sending it (secretly) to a friend - they’ll hear it when they wake up! You can share something funny with friends, wake up your classmates with a cheer for today’s game, or send something intimate to a loved one - Trumpet makes the first moment of the day special. 

How Trumpet works

Messages are only heard once, and only when the alarm is set to ring - and then, they disappear. So wake up your son with encouraging words on the day of his big test. Surprise your loved one when they wake up in a distant hotel on their business trip. Or send your best rendition of "Let it snow” to your friends on Christmas morning. It’s all about sharing your voice - in a completely new way.

We bring magical, intimate moments to those who serve. A far away Dad waking up his little girl on her birthday. A family leaving a holiday cheer for their deployed loved one. Or a son sharing the news of his A+ test score with his Dad, even if he’s serving overseas.

Sleep through this!

Trumpet is a fun way to connect with friends. Send something funny, or edgy, or just plain silly. Better yet, get your friends together and leave someone a group message!

“Joy comes in the morning” - Psalm 30:5

With Trumpet, you can start someone’s day with inspiration. Send a close friend an uplifting verse the morning they start their new job. Or send a loved one an inspiring message when you know they’re going through hard times.

What can you do 

with Trumpet?

Trumpet is available for both iPhone and Android Phones. Download now on the App Store or Google Play, and make someone's morning special!

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